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Town Hall

The industrial development of Blumenthal and the incorporation of Lüssum, Rönnebeck, Bockhorn and Neurönnebeck made the number of inhabitants rise very quickly.

This caused a constriction in the then-available official space of the administration. They were accommodated then in an annexe of the Ebberfeld House in the street which used to be the Lange Strasse. For reasons of lack of space, master baker Warnke provided room in his house, until they also proved as too small. When these rooms proved insufficient, an assembly was called to prepare the building of a new administrative centre. The sites which were used for administrative purposes were bought. Then, in December 1907, the drafts and proposals for the new town hall were approved and the fundaments were laid in July 1908.

In the year 1910, the Town Hall was completed, and the administration from Blumenthal could be continued. Since then, this building is the town hall for Bremen-Blumenthal, which is still intact, still in use. It is situated in Landrat-Christians-Straße, next to the Local Exchange and the Citizens’ Office.

Source: Blumenthal-meine Heimat / Alfred Tietjen

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