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The Sattelhof

The 'Sattelhof' is the oldest farmstead in Blumenthal and has been first mentioned in historical records by 1304, when it was granted as the „Vorborch tho Blomendale“ (bulwarkof Blumenthal) by the knights of Oumünde as a fiefdom to the varlet Cord Steding.

In 1470, his son Karsten, sold the free Sattelhof „geheten de Borchwall, so de bowen den Blomendalebelegen“ (called the Borchwall, as Blumenthal books confirm) for 125 Bremish marks to the Church elder Hohann Steding and Bremen citizens Arend Steding and Heinrich Vreyen. 1579, the Burgwall belonged to the Bremen mayor Karsten Steding and his brother Gerhard.

The inheritance goes at first to Karsten Steding’s widow Könecke van Borken and, in 1628, toher son Arnold Steding. Karsten’s daughter Rebecca sells the Sattelhof „das freye Gut am Borchwalle“ for 600 Reichstaler to the city council and therewith to the Haus Blomendal. The right was respectively granted by a steward who was obliged to pay tithes and to performhorse-and cart services by the Haus Blomendal. Only in 1839, the property is purchased, aided by the newly introduced transfer fee laws, by the former steward Johann Burgwall. He remains unmarried and childless and passes the homestead to his sister Lücke Burgwall’sson –Dietrich Krudop. His successor, Hinrich Krudop (married in 1877 to Mathilde Schulken) continues operating the, by then established, brewery and the seasonal inn, on Burgwall.

In 1882, he sold the property, with a size of about 30 ha, to the Bremen shipowner and consul Olmann Thyen for the price of 72.000 gold marks. The property has been rebought, in 1927 and 1936 respectively, by the municipality of Blumenthal.

Source: Blumenthal-meine Heimat / Alfred Tietjen

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