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The Aue

The little river called Schönebeck Aue, or simply Aue, is a sandy heathland brook having its source in The Lange Heide in Lower Saxony and flowing at Vegesack in the River Weser.

The Aue is altogether 17,7 kilometres long, but only the last 3,1 kilometres cover Bremen territory. The Aue sources, as already mentioned, in Lower Saxony, in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. From there, the water flows through the Bremer Schweiz (a hilly heathlandcounty, bordering on Osterholz- Scharmbeck) and, subsequently, directly over the county boundary in the marshland around the Schönebeck Castle. Therefore, this region is also called the Aue valley; the river was dammed into a pond which surrounds the Castle like acrescent moon. It was done to regulate the watermark of the castle pond and once also serviced a water mill.

There is also another place in which the Aue and the river Beke actually meet. It is the site of Haus Blomendal, which was reconstructed in 1354, after having been taken down in the year of 1305. Finally, the Aue runs its path in Vegesack direction and flows through a system of tubes into the river Weser. As some have already noticed, the river Aue had been slightly modified in some places, for example the pond at Castle Schönebeck. This proves to be, however, an insurmountable barrier for migrating fish. Thus,conservationists have thought about a solution for this problem and have built a kind of“bypass“ around the pond. This meant digging a little canal around the pond, which prevents fish losing their sense of direction, at least in theory. Another problem for the fish is,however, negotiating the Aue mouth, which consists of a tube system leading to the Weser and prevents them from swimming at the bottom of the river. For this problem, a solutionhas yet to be found.

Source: Wikipedia

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