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Rönnebeck Harbour

The idea to build a harbour in the Weser stream existed already in 1840, but was put into practice some decades later, because the run of the Weser had been sluggish and silting very quickly.

Then, in the year of 1864, came the decision by anassembly of committee members for the municipalities of Blumenthal, Rönnebeck and Lüssum to build a landing pier in Rönnebeck in front of the Wieting brewery, paid for by allmunicipalities. Only four years later, the building of a loading and unloading bay was also decided, as well as building a hut for watchmen. In the year of 1873, the moment came:The harbour was finished, the loading and unloading bay was elongated to the deepwaterstream of the Weser. A kind of bulwark for the river Weser had also been erected, but it was part of the bay. This bulwark was made of wood and became damaged quite quickly. It had to be redone at the end of the 19th century, which also proved only as a provisional solution, until a firm decided to reconstruct the bulwark completely and also extended theharbour basin by 3 metres.

Source: Blumenthal-meine Heimat / Alfred Tietjen


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