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Market Place

The Royal village administration allowed Blumenthal, Flethe and Rönnebeck to hold a marketday for the first time in 1834. The market was held at the Blumenthal market place and the adjoining common plot at Hellerkamp.

By and by, the duration of the market period wasincreased from one to three to four days. Blumenthal also applied for the staging of a cattle market. These rights, and the ones for the merchants’ market, were first granted in the year of 1854.

In 1889, the Blumenthal district administration, after a hearing with the churchelders and in compliance with them, devised new market regulations. When Blumenthal was developing into an industrial location, women came in from the Steding lands and sold their vegetables and produce. Peasants from the Osterstede marshes offered their cabbage.The site in front of the Union Hotel became more and more constricted; the market was transferred to the sports field at Müllerloch and, soon afterwards, the Schillerplatz was chosen, due to its central position in the middle of things.

At present day, stallholders offer their fresh produce each Friday from 8am to 1pm. The market can be reached by foot via the Landrat- Christians-Straße or with city bus (Stadtbus)90/91, getting off at Blumenthal/Markt.

Source: Bremen.de/ Blumenthal-meine Heimat von Alfred Tietjen

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