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A very special place of remembrance: In National Socialist times, there was a labourcamp for forced labourers who had to work on the building site of the U-Boat (submarine)bunker “Valentin.”
Many holiday cyclists enjoy, in fair weather, the picturesque park atthe Bahrsplate. However, the fact that a labour camp- a subcamp of concentration camp Neuengamme- had existed on this site, is almost forgotten. The forced labourers detained there- mostly deported Frenchmen, Dutch or other prisoners of war- had to take part in the construction of U-boat-bunker Valentin.

The way to the building site had to be negotiatedby foot-- about 10 kilometres through people’s living quarters. Contemporaries remember that the prisoners had to sing upbeat military songs to pretend being a passing Wehrmachtformation. Eyewitnesses recall their marches as a harrowing sight. A rather small memorial commemorates the horrors of the labour camp; only recently an explanatory plaque hasbeen attached there. During warm, sunny days, the beautiful site attracts young and old people alike. A big playground will keep the youngest fairly occupied.

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